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MADNESS: College Student in Trouble with University After Posting Pro-Kate Steinle Posters




In the wake of Jose Inez Garcia Zarate‘s acquittal for the killing of Kate Steinle, Gregory Lu, a student at University of California San Diego, posted flyers on campus with Steinle’s picutre and the phrase “She had dreams too.” As a result, he was called before the school’s Office for the Prevention of Harassment & Discrimination, amid complaints from campus Democrats.

Zarate claimed that it was an accident when a gun he picked up went off, resulting in Steinle being fatally shot. Still, the fact that he was in the country in the first place drew outrage from many, because he had previously been deported from the United States on five separate occasions, and was wanted for a sixth deportation. Steinle’s death became a rallying point for those in favor of stronger immigration policies and against “sanctuary cities” that protect undocumented immigrants in the custody of local law enforcement officials from federal immigration authorities.

Within that context, UCSD College Democrats called Lu’s posters “racist propaganda … targeting undocumented students and the undocumented community” in a Facebook post. This is likely due to Lu’s “She had dreams too” caption, and the fact that undocumented students benefiting from President Barack Obama‘s DACA program are commonly known as “Dreamers.”

Whether Lu meant his posters to be a politically charged statement or a mere expression of support for the victim in the case, the school’s involvement raises First Amendment concerns. As a public university, summoning a student before a university body due to speech could be problematic. George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley expressed his concern in a recent blog post.

“This is clearly a political statement and protected speech,” Turley said. “Calling in a student to answer for such postings is a chilling and inappropriate action. Instead, the office should ask those complaining to satisfy a minimal burden of proof that such posters constitute hate speech or proscribed conduct.”

Indeed, while undocumented students may have felt slighted by the flyers, that doesn’t mean that was the intention, as there was no overt message directed against any group. It’s one thing for people to disagree with a message, it’s something else entirely for a public university to summon a student for potential disciplinary action just because some other students don’t like what he said.

“The intolerance shown in this matter were those labeling such posters and racist and hate speech,” Turley wrote. “If these reports are accurate, the University should be acting to reinforce the principles of free speech rather than declining comment and calling in Lu to answer for his exercise of free speech.”

According to local ABC10, the university has yet to comment on the matter, and Lu has hired a lawyer.

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Lauren Witzke: Among Several Children on Hunter Biden Laptop, Including Chris Coon’s Daughter



Well, folks. The dam is finally breaking on what is exactly going on with the Hunter Biden laptop scandal that the corporate media has refused to cover, simultaneously big tech is clamping down attempts to use their platform to share the story. And now we know why, because it involves underage children.

This weekend, Senatorial Candidate in Delaware and America First Patriot, Lauren Witzke, has exposed the most damning allegation yet. With an official police source confirming that Chris Coon’s Daughter is one of several children on the Hunter Biden laptop.

There are other allegations going around possible connections to foreign children being on the Hunter Biden laptop as well as several children of other politicians including one of Barack Obama’s daughter.

This only further proves Joe Biden and his entire family, and Chris Coons, are completely compromised by foreign entities and domestic deep state actors within our Government. They hold no allegiance to anything but what their masters tell them to do, because at the end of the day they are at the whims of others leaking this information and publicly destroying them and their career.

We can only imagine more damning allegations are coming to break now that we have a first look at just how explosive the “Laptop From Hell”, as President Donald Trump puts it, really is.

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Pitiful GOP Governor Larry Hogan Attempts to Sabotage Pro-Trump Republican Kimberly Klacik’s Election on April 28th



Baltimore, MD – Weeks ago, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan issued an Executive order requiring mail-in voting for the special election to fill Congressman Elijah Cummings vacant U.S. House seat on April 28th. As if voting by mail isn’t already a potential disaster for fraud waiting to happen, Larry Hogan essentially guaranteed fraud will happen to a rather large scale with this order, as pro-Trump candidate Kimberly Klacik explains in this tweet. 


Over 7,000 votes were already mailed in yesterday, when Governor Hogan modified his order to allow one polling station in each of District 7’s counties, which will allow people to vote twice. Historically, voter fraud is not favorable to Republican candidates. In the following Board of Elections meeting, the board members mention several times that this change was by Governor Hogan’s order, essentially making their vote a mere formality.


Larry Hogan, although a Republican, is wildly popular in the predominantly liberal state of Maryland, touting a 70% approval rating. Maryland Liberals naturally love Larry’s consistent criticism of President Donald Trump. He was a vocal critic when the President told “The Squad” that if they don’t like America, they can go back. In early March, Governor Hogan stated that he was not satisfied with President Trump’s communication regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. More recently he stated that he is still not satisfied with the administration’s response. Other Governors, including Democratic ones have publicly praised Trump’s administration, including Governor Gavin Newsome of California. 


What could be motivating the Governor to sabotage this race in favor of a Democrat? It could be that he just hates the President that much, and any candidate willing to support him is no friend of his. What is intriguing about this, is that last summer it was Kimberly Klacik who tweeted about rats in Baltimore City, which prompted President Trump to tweet about the disgusting state of Baltimore. Despite the truthfulness of those tweets, Larry Hogan called them “Outrageous and inappropriate.” Elijah Cummings has since passed away, leaving his U.S. House seat vacant. Kimberly Klacik is running for that vacant seat. 


Many observers outside the state of Maryland would describe Larry Hogan as RINO, a Republican in name only. The truth is he is the typical pre-Trump Republican that cares mostly about corporate profit, low taxes, and GDP with little regard to putting Americans First. Despite all of his anti Trump whining, that didn’t stop him from begging for more H1B visa allotments for crab pickers. 


Other Democrats across the country have also been promoting the vote by mail fraud scheme, including Delaware Senator Chris Coons and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. 


When asked for further comment, Kimberly Klacik stated that she is, “pursuing legal action.” 

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Twitter Profile With No Tweets Or Followers Suspended



New England – A Twitter page for a group called New England Identitarians was temporarily suspended evidently for using the word “Identitarian”. The page had zero followers at the time, and was yet to even make a tweet. In fact, the page was set to private. 


Regardless of what you might think of “Identitarian” ideology, most people can agree that the word itself shouldn’t trigger a ban from the public square, which is what social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter are functioning as. The First Amendment was intended to protect the public from government censorship, but in the current day the main medium for public discourse is social media. Practically speaking, there is no difference. It must be lawfully determined if these companies are neutral platforms, or if they function as publishers with editorial judgement. 


The same goes for the popular video platform YouTube as well. Formerly known as a free speech medium, it’s now only friendly for what are deemed acceptable opinions. Across all of these sites, “hate speech” is broadly used as an excuse to censor political views that the company doesn’t like, with a strong partisan bias against conservatives. Other free speech friendly social media networks to try are Telegram, Gab, and Parlor. An up-and-coming alternative to YouTube is BitChute.  For livestreaming, there’s D’Live. Perhaps it’s time that we all begin to migrate away from the tyrannical mainstream sites. 

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