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Even Democratic Senator Wants Fusion GPS To Testify Publically



(Via The Daily Caller)

The top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee dismissed a complaint made this week by Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm behind the infamous Trump dossier.

In an op-ed at The New York Times, two of Fusion’s co-founders called on three congressional committees to release transcripts of 21 hours of testimony that members of the firm have provided as part of the ongoing Russia investigations.

“Republicans have refused to release full transcripts of our firm’s testimony, even as they selectively leak details to media outlets on the far right. It’s time to share what our company told investigators,” wrote Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch, two of Fusion’s partners.

But Virginia Sen. Mark Warner suggested on Wednesday that releasing transcripts is not a feasible idea.

“We don’t normally release prior testimony because it may further impugn witnesses from coming forward,” Warner told CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Instead, Warner suggested an alternative: call Fusion GPS partners back to testify in public.

“What may even be a better option is to bring back the Fusion GPS folks and let them testify in public and lay out to the American public what they believe happened,” the Democrat said earlier in the day during an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

Warner’s comments echo those of Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

In response to the Fusion op-ed, Grassley’s office released a scathing statement asserting that Fusion had already declined an “opportunity for transparency.”

Taylor Foy, a spokesman for Grassley, said that “despite his public statements, Mr. Simpson and his attorney demanded during the interview that the transcript be kept confidential.”

Foy also said that the committee did not want to release a transcript of Simpson’s testimony in order to avoid “tainting the memory of other witnesses.

Simpson was interviewed by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Aug. 22. He was interviewed by the House Intelligence Committee on Nov. 14. Fritsch and another Fusion GPS partner, Thomas Catan, met with the House panel on Oct. 18 but pleaded the fifth.

In his statement, Foy also noted that Simpson invoked the fifth when facing a subpoena from the Judiciary panel. As Warner did on CNN, Foy reiterated the committee’s invitation to Simpson to testify publicly.

“The Committee’s invitation for Mr. Simpson to testify at a public hearing remains on the table,” he said.

In response to Grassley’s statement, Fusion GPS lawyer Josh Levy issued a statement reiterating the call to release the interview transcript.

“Having had the opportunity to review the transcript, Fusion GPS wants it released,” Levy said.

He did not commit to Fusion partners testifying publicly. Instead, Levy questioned why former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and Donald Trump Jr. have not been pressed to testify in an open hearing.

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Where We Go One, We Go All



In the tumultuous landscape of American politics, one figure stands out as a beacon of unwavering resolve and determination: Donald J. Trump. As the former President of the United States and the Republican nominee for the 2024 presidential election, Trump has consistently demonstrated his commitment to serving the American people, both politically and metaphysically.

Throughout his time in office and beyond, Trump has shown himself to be a leader who is unafraid to confront the challenges facing the nation. His “America First” agenda prioritized the interests of the American people, focusing on issues such as immigration, trade, and national security. Trump’s policies aimed to protect American jobs, secure the nation’s borders, and maintain a strong military presence to deter potential adversaries.

However, Trump’s influence extends beyond the realm of politics. Many of his supporters view him as a metaphysical protector, standing against the forces of evil that threaten the very fabric of American society. This belief is rooted in Trump’s unwavering commitment to his principles and his willingness to fight for what he believes is right, even in the face of overwhelming opposition.

Trump’s supporters often draw parallels between his leadership style and that of a warrior, a man who is willing to stand up for his beliefs and defend the nation against all odds. This image is reinforced by Trump’s own words and actions, such as his famous quote, “I alone can fix it,” which reflects his belief in his ability to tackle the nation’s problems head-on.

The phrase “Where We go one, we go all” has become a rallying cry for Trump’s supporters, symbolizing their unwavering loyalty and determination to stand by their leader. This phrase encapsulates the idea that Trump’s supporters are united in their belief that he is the one who can lead the nation out of the darkness and into the light.

In conclusion, Donald Trump’s influence on American politics and society cannot be understated. As a leader who is willing to stand up for what he believes is right, Trump has become a symbol of hope and determination for his supporters. Whether it be through his political policies or his metaphysical presence, Trump is seen as a protector of the American people, standing against the forces of evil that threaten the nation. Where We go one, we go all.

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President Donald Trump Owned the RNC Convention



In a night filled with political stars and Hollywood glamour, Donald Trump delivered a speech at the Republican National Convention that resonated with the populist spirit that propelled him to the presidency in 2016. The Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was the stage for a celebration of conservative values, patriotism, and a vision for America’s future.

Trump’s speech was a masterful blend of fiery rhetoric, personal anecdotes, and policy proposals aimed at appealing to the working-class voters who form the backbone of his base. He spoke passionately about the need to put America first, protect American jobs, and secure the border. Trump’s populist message was clear: he is the champion of the forgotten men and women of this country, and he will fight for their interests.

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the presence of several celebrities who threw their support behind Trump. Hulk Hogan, a professional wrestler and entertainer, delivered a powerful endorsement of the president, saying, “Trump is the only one who truly understands the struggles of everyday Americans.” His speech was met with thunderous applause from the crowd, who were thrilled to see a celebrity openly supporting the president.

Another celebrity who made waves at the convention was Eric Trump, the president’s son and a key figure in the Trump Organization. Eric delivered a heartfelt speech about his father’s leadership and the importance of family values in America. He spoke about the sacrifices his father has made for the country and the love he has for the American people. Eric’s speech was a touching tribute to his father and a reminder of the importance of family in the Trump administration.

The night was a resounding success for the Trump campaign, with the president delivering a speech that was both powerful and inspiring. The presence of celebrities like Hulk Hogan and Eric Trump only added to the excitement and energy of the event. As the 2024 presidential election approaches, it is clear that Trump remains a force to be reckoned with, and his populist message continues to resonate with voters across the country.

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Dark Side of Surrogacy: A Modern Form of Human Trafficking



In today’s capitalist society, the practice of surrogacy for gay couples has become increasingly normalized, with little regard for the ethical implications and potential for exploitation. This is largely due to the commodification of children and the dehumanization of women, particularly those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

Surrogacy involves the use of a woman’s body to produce a child for someone else, often for a significant sum of money. This commodification of children and women’s bodies is a form of human trafficking, as it involves the exploitation of vulnerable individuals for financial gain.

The surrogate mother, often from a lower socioeconomic background, is essentially renting out her body to produce a child for someone else. This is a clear example of exploitation, as she is being used for her reproductive capabilities and then discarded once her purpose has been served.

Moreover, the practice of surrogacy for gay couples is often justified under the guise of “progress” and “equality.” However, this ignores the fact that it is a form of human trafficking that dehumanizes women and commodifies children.

In a capitalist society, where money is the ultimate goal, the practice of surrogacy for gay couples is seen as just another way to make a profit. The rights and well-being of the surrogate mother and the child are often disregarded, as the focus is on the financial transaction.

It is time to recognize the dark side of surrogacy and acknowledge that it is a modern form of human trafficking. We must prioritize the rights and well-being of all individuals involved, rather than viewing them as commodities to be bought and sold.

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