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How George Floyd Single-Handedly Eradicated COVID-19



How could the COVID-19 obsessed media cheat on their main squeeze with Black Lives Matter?

Roughly a little more than a week ago if you just as much as wiggled your little toe you would catch COVID-19 and fall over instantaneously. BAM! DEAD! And grandma too. People were scared to leave their houses and apartments. Your trained German Sheppard wouldn’t even give you his paw anymore. Everyone was on lock-down from this mysterious killer novel virus. Everyone was hanging on every word that came from so called medical professionals, experts in the field of epidemiology. So for weeks we huddled in place and posted on social media stay home stay safe. If you don’t want to wear a mask, wear it for grandma, wear it out of respect for others, wear it because the godd*@n government told you to. So for weeks we obediently followed instructions.

When time to come out of forced hibernation, the powers that be said a few more weeks. We bent the curve as they were saying so the hospitals weren’t overrun. They weren’t. Then we had to wait to reduce the number of new infections. They were reduced. Then we had to get more ventilators. Done. Then we had to get more PPE (personal protective equipment). Check. Then we needed more testing kits. No problem. Then they told us we had to wait for the next coming of Jesus! The goal posts were moving like Candlestick Park in an earthquake. People were getting restless and wanting to get back to a regular way of life. Every Democrat mayor or governor seemed hell bent on keeping everyone unnecessarily brutally on lock-down. The same governors and mayors were frequently breaking their own lock-down executive orders. Lisa Lightfoot Mayor of Chicago rudely said if anyone disobeyed her orders they would face the law and jail time. She shutdown barbers and hair salons. Then she went to a hair salon to get her hair done. Oh that’s different. Governor Pritzker of Illinois flew his family to Florida amid his strict lock-down orders. When asked about it by the press he obfuscated by saying family should be kept out of politics. New York Mayor Big Bird De Blasio was caught 11 miles from his residence enjoying time with his wife and consistently going to a gym when gyms for us regular folk were off limits. Michelle Obama gave a PSA on staying home and staying safe to only leave for essentials, food, water and medical aid. The next day former President Barack Obama was spotted on the golf course having a blast. And so on, and so on.

By this time there is approximately 40 million people out of work who’ve applied for unemployment. People are losing their businesses, jobs and all livelihoods. At this point to the trained nose one could smell BS. All the expert predictions were wrong. The goals kept changing. Red states were opening and blue states and cities had the boot on the proverbial neck of the people not letting them earn a living.

The protests began because people wanted to go back to work. The peaceful protests began. 2nd Amendment protests for the first amendment rights with gun-toting patriots. These protests started peaceful and ended peaceful. But you would not know that from the hideous left-wing  fake news media. The protesters were disparaged and called every name in the book. They were called murders. They were called far right wingers. They were branded as aggressive. All while peacefully, very peacefully exercising their first amendment rights. Gretchen Whitmer Governor of Michigan and Joe Biden’s possible vice presidential candidate, was one of the worst and most stringent in her zeal to lock down her constituents and make them pay or go to jail if they did not obey.

Governor Whitmer met her match with 77 year old Michigan Barber Karl Manke. He refused to stay shut down. He said he worked all of his life without help from the government and that’s what he will continue to do. Karl built a large following of supporters and became somewhat of a first amendment protest star. A court battle ensued and they took his license to operate. Karl was unmoved and said he will continue to cut hair despite the ruling. Karl took the fight to the Michigan supreme court and won a unanimous 7-0 decision. Smiles and celebrations all around.

It is unconstitutional to tell someone they cannot work to earn a living, it is unconstitutional to tell someone they cannot go to church and worship, it is unconstitutional to tell someone they cannot visit their significant other if they are not married. Governor Whitmer herself broke her own lock-down orders going to her vacation home and her husband going boating. Do as I say not as I do.

Now comes the untimely death of George Floyd who was brutally killed by a Minnesota Police Officer while seemingly not resisting arrest. This touched off protests and riots lead by Black Lives Matter and infiltrated by Antifa and many more paid rabble-rousers. This protest movement has gone worldwide and has put pressure on all organizations and police forces to bow to the George Soros backed Black Lives Matter community activists groups. So to get in on the money, prestige and political black pandering these protests are lauded by the media, liberals and Democrat politicians. There has been mass looting, rioting, death and mayhem. But news show after show go out of their way to stress how peaceful the marches are and only a few rioters and looters. Police had to evacuate a police precinct in New York because it got burned down. The protest over the wrongful death of a black man in police custody lead to the wrongful death of 5 more blacks at the hands of the rioters. These 5 are not lauded and praised because to be lauded and praised you have to be killed by a white person. If a black person kills you, YOUR BLACK LIFE DOESN’T MATTER!

Once these protests started the COVID-19 mindful leaders and press seemed to all but forget about the virus that was dominating every second of media airspace. COVID19 was being used as a cudgel  against Donald Trump. The effects of the virus was waning, people were going back to work, the numbers were a lie, the goals kept moving and most of all it was unconstitutional. So George Floyd’s untimely death was the new celebrity cause de jour for everyone to act like they are woke or politically engaged and part of the IN-CROWD! Out the window goes COVID-19 may GOD rest it’s soul.

We have went from recounts, to investigations, to Ukraine impeachments, to COVID-19 to racism, Black Lives Matter & George Floyd. All morphed into a club to beat Donald Trump to death with. But the Teflon Don is a fighter. The naysayers were quoting all of the death numbers from covid-19 and the jobless numbers and predicting a rise in unemployment to 20% and 7 million more job losses. What they got was 2.5 million jobs ADDED and the unemployment rate DROPPING to 13.3%. Oh well back to the drawing board. The Wile E. Coyote Democrats need a new bomb to catch the roadrunner POTUS #45!



By Michael Ameer



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Biden Lies About Israel’s Involvement in Palestinian Genocide



President Biden Says Israel is Not Committing a Genocide in Gaza, Denounces the ICC Arrest Warrant Against Netanyahu and Gallant

In a move that has stirred controversy and sparked debates across the globe, the International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor Karim Khan has applied for arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant. The request is in relation to alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity linked to the war in Gaza. The move has drawn sharp criticism from U.S. President Joe Biden, who has denounced the ICC’s decision as “outrageous.”

The warrants have been sought following a months-long investigation into both Hamas’ October 7 terrorist attack on Israel and Israel’s military response in the Gaza Strip. The ICC’s decision to target the top leaders of a close ally of the United States is unprecedented and marks a significant escalation in international pressure against Israel.

President Biden has firmly stated that Israel is not committing a genocide in Gaza. He has condemned the ICC’s decision to seek arrest warrants for Netanyahu and Gallant, labeling the move as “outrageous” and asserting that there is no equivalence between Israel and Hamas. This stance aligns with the U.S.’s historical skepticism towards the ICC, arguing that the court should not exercise any jurisdiction over citizens of countries that are not a party to the founding treaty that established the ICC.

The ICC’s announcement on Monday is separate from the case that is currently being heard by the the International Court of Justice (ICJ) over an accusation from South Africa that Israel was committing genocide in its war against Hamas following the October 7 attacks. This case further complicates the situation, adding another layer of international scrutiny to Israel’s actions in Gaza.

The decision by the ICC has been met with mixed reactions. While some see it as a necessary step towards accountability for alleged war crimes, others view it as a politically motivated move that could damage the court’s relationship with the U.S. and other nations. The ICC’s decision to target both Israeli leaders and Hamas leaders in the same set of arrest warrants has also raised questions about the court’s approach to the conflict and its implications for future international justice efforts.

As the situation continues to unfold, the world watches closely to see how the U.S. and other nations will respond to the ICC’s decision and the ongoing conflict in Gaza. The controversy surrounding the ICC’s actions and President Biden’s response highlights the complex and often contentious nature of international justice and diplomacy in the face of ongoing conflict and human rights concerns.

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President Trump’s Paxton Plan For U.S. Attorney General



In a recent turn of events, former President Donald Trump has hinted at considering Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton for the role of U.S. Attorney General if he were to win a second term in the White House. This announcement, made during a conversation with Fox 4 Dallas-Fort Worth at the National Rifle Association convention, has sparked a flurry of speculation and discussion among political circles.

The potential appointment of Paxton to the U.S. Attorney General position raises several questions and concerns. Critics point to Paxton’s legal battles and controversies, including accusations of bribery and abuse of office, which led to his impeachment by the Texas House. These allegations were dismissed in the Senate, but they remain a point of contention.

On the other hand, Paxton’s supporters praise his legal battles against the Biden administration and his unwavering support for Trump. They see him as a strong candidate who would vigorously defend conservative values and push back against perceived liberal overreach.

This potential appointment also raises the question of how it would affect the dynamics within the Republican Party. Some Republicans, like Senator John Cornyn, have been critical of Paxton, suggesting that a Paxton nomination could lead to intraparty battles.

Trump’s consideration of Paxton is not just a political move but also a strategic one. It signals a continuation of his policies and a commitment to his base. It also underscores the importance of loyalty in Trump’s political calculus, a trait he clearly values in Paxton.

Now, let’s delve into why Trump should pick Paxton for the U.S. Attorney General position.

Firstly, Paxton’s track record as Texas Attorney General demonstrates his commitment to conservative values and his willingness to fight for them. He has been at the forefront of legal battles against the Biden administration, challenging policies on issues such as immigration and voting rights. His actions have made him a popular figure among conservatives, a fact that Trump would certainly be aware of.

Secondly, Paxton has shown unwavering loyalty to Trump. He has filed lawsuits to defend Trump’s policies and has been a vocal supporter of the former president. This loyalty is something Trump values highly, as evidenced by his past appointments.

Thirdly, Paxton’s potential appointment would send a strong message to the Republican Party and to the country as a whole. It would signal a continuation of Trump’s policies and a commitment to his base. It would also serve as a reminder of Trump’s influence within the party and his ability to shape its direction.

Finally, Paxton’s potential appointment would likely be well-received by Trump’s base. His conservative credentials and his legal battles against the Biden administration would be seen as a strong endorsement of Trump’s policies and a promise to continue fighting for them.

In conclusion, while there are valid concerns about Paxton’s past controversies, there are also strong arguments in favor of his potential appointment as U.S. Attorney General. His conservative credentials, his loyalty to Trump, and the message his appointment would send to the Republican Party and the country as a whole make him a strong candidate for the position.

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Lucas Gage Returns to X After Exposing Palestine Atrocities & Ban Over Alleged Harassment



In today’s digital age, social media platforms serve as vital tools for raising awareness and advocating for causes. However, they also present challenges such as harassment and censorship. Recently, actor and activist Lucas Gage faced these challenges head-on when his X account was suspended for several months following harassment from certain groups unhappy with his efforts to expose war atrocities in Palestine. Now, after a prolonged absence, Gage has returned to X, ready to resume his important work of shedding light on crucial issues.

Lucas Gage, known for his roles in various television shows and films, has also been vocal about social justice issues, particularly regarding the Palestinian cause. His advocacy drew the ire of individuals and groups who disagreed with his stance. Gage utilized his platform on X to spotlight the human rights violations and war atrocities occurring in Palestine, which led to backlash from some pro-Israeli factions.

The backlash against Gage escalated into harassment, predominantly from individuals identifying themselves as Zionists. He faced a barrage of abusive messages, threats, and attempts to undermine his activism. Despite his efforts to report and block the harassers, the situation persisted, taking a toll on Gage’s mental well-being and sense of safety.

In a controversial decision, X suspended Gage’s account, citing violations of its community guidelines. Many criticized X for what they perceived as a failure to address harassment effectively, especially given the circumstances surrounding Gage’s case. The ban sparked debates about freedom of expression, censorship, and the responsibilities of social media platforms in safeguarding users from harassment and abuse.

After a hiatus spanning several months, Lucas Gage has made his comeback to X. His return has been met with an outpouring of support from fellow activists, fans, and individuals concerned about censorship and human rights. Gage expressed gratitude for the overwhelming solidarity he received during his absence and reiterated his dedication to advocating for justice and raising awareness about the plight of the Palestinian people.

The incident involving Lucas Gage underscores the significance of advocacy and the hurdles activists encounter, especially when addressing contentious issues. It also highlights the complexities of navigating social media platforms where differing viewpoints often clash, sometimes resulting in hostility and censorship.

As Gage resumes his activism on X, it is imperative to continue discussions about online harassment, censorship, and the necessity for improved mechanisms to shield users from abuse. Social media companies must reevaluate their policies and enforcement strategies to ensure that platforms remain spaces for constructive dialogue and activism, rather than avenues for harassment and stifling dissenting voices.

Lucas Gage’s return to X serves as a testament to the resilience of individuals committed to social justice causes despite facing obstacles and adversity. His experience sheds light on broader issues surrounding online harassment and censorship, prompting important conversations about the role of social media platforms in shaping public discourse. As Gage continues his advocacy, his story serves as inspiration for others to speak out against injustice and strive for positive change.

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