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RACISM: Why DACA Is Bigoted, Sexist & Classist



By Roberty Stanley | I worked for DACA for 1 year. DACA is funded in each city by the Catholic Church. Each city gets an endowment that can be as large as $2 million from the Vatican.

I’d go to work, and many of the people “in need” drive Escalades, BMWs and Mercedes. The parking lot would be lined with rows of luxury vehicles. (Ironically, the American employees often driving beaters.)

The wealthy donors loved DACA: HP, AT&T, Non-Profits, ect. All of the fat-cats loved DACA.

They love DACA so much they throw EXTRAVAGANT parties YOU couldn’t afford a ticket to to raise money for more illegal cheap labor & to feel good about what a VIRTUOUS person they must be for helping criminal aliens.

It’s a boujee club and you’re not invited…

I go to the Poor Catholic Churchs & Black Churches (to collect donations.) All I hear from the poor Americans [of any race] is how much the Catholic Church has left them behind and they don’t receive any help. The organization has binders FULL of more than 15,000 Catholics begging for help that never got their “prayers” & “dreams” answered. Go to any of Catholic Charities Facebook pages, you’ll see for yourself.

Poor people don’t donate to Catholic Charities. Now you know why.

Even American Hispanics can’t get a DIME from Catholic Charities

This is why I oppose DACA – I’ve arguably done more to help undocumented workers find their place in America. Definitely more than your average person. But African Americans have been wondering “Where’s our place” for centuries now.

African American generational poverty has yet to be addressed by anyone as we are giving millions to undocumented workers. There’s Black American blood in the soil. What do they get? NOTING.

Middle Class African America kids are falling into poverty…

And Most illegal immigrants don’t live in The Hampton’s or Beverly Hills… many live next door to, you guessed it, the African American community. Should they not have a say?!?!?

And meanwhile, they have the audacity to say you are racist & they are the ones who care about minorities & workers? WHAT A JOKE!

I won’t even get into the employees that work for DACA who are raped or assaulted by “Dreamers.” There’s your sexism.

Remember this: when Americans [you] break the law, there is no organization working to help you, no PR campaign to raise awareness of issues that matter to you. There are no rich donors funding your fight for freedom.

Fraud by Americans is criminal; fraud by Illegal Aliens is a ‘dream’…

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Trump Is Poised To Take 2024 By Storm



Biden has unsuccessfully been able to reform any issues left by the Trump administration and quite frankly has only made it worse. Inflation and the economy is hurting everyone, especially lower income voters who ironically voted for Biden. This has set off a windstorm for Biden as his approval rating goes further down the drain. With little hopes of any major policy wins before the 2022 election, Biden’s Administration, which championed “getting things done”, has stopped before it really even got off the ground.

With 2022 around the corner we will see a slue of Republican Presidential challengers, with Trump of course, being at the center of the pack. Rumors have it that Ron DeSantis, Chris Christie, and the like of Mitt Romney will all join the nomination, however this is only rumor and speculation. Trump however, will become the nominee. It would be hard for anyone to top someone who has already been President, even a firebrand like DeSantis, who has garnered  national support for a Presidential run.

Biden has failed so miserably that when a another Democrat attempts to challenge Trump’s economy compared what we are in now, it will be completely inexcusable. Not to mention the major social engineering the majority of parents and Americans are rejecting in terms of the LGBTQ Mafia Agenda & BLM. Biden, if anything, has completely destroyed the Democratic party’s chance of being a favorite with middle and upper-income voters, setting a disasters for the Democrats in 2024.

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Lauren Witzke: Among Several Children on Hunter Biden Laptop, Including Chris Coon’s Daughter



Well, folks. The dam is finally breaking on what is exactly going on with the Hunter Biden laptop scandal that the corporate media has refused to cover, simultaneously big tech is clamping down attempts to use their platform to share the story. And now we know why, because it involves underage children.

This weekend, Senatorial Candidate in Delaware and America First Patriot, Lauren Witzke, has exposed the most damning allegation yet. With an official police source confirming that Chris Coon’s Daughter is one of several children on the Hunter Biden laptop.

There are other allegations going around possible connections to foreign children being on the Hunter Biden laptop as well as several children of other politicians including one of Barack Obama’s daughter.

This only further proves Joe Biden and his entire family, and Chris Coons, are completely compromised by foreign entities and domestic deep state actors within our Government. They hold no allegiance to anything but what their masters tell them to do, because at the end of the day they are at the whims of others leaking this information and publicly destroying them and their career.

We can only imagine more damning allegations are coming to break now that we have a first look at just how explosive the “Laptop From Hell”, as President Donald Trump puts it, really is.

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Trump Judges & The Purge



I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by six.

That great lyric from Ice Cube has more bite and meaning in the run up to the 2020 election. Now we have the investigation of the investigators. The Mueller investigation and everything it has encompassed is now being scrutinized. We are finally looking at indictments and guilty pleas from the corrupt cabal that tried to bring down, frame, jail and impeach a duly elected, INNOCENT president and anyone in his sphere. Getting to the point of investigating the investigators has been a long hard slog.

We did not foresee how really deep and treacherous the swamp really was. You could investigate, indict and try someone like a Hillary Clinton for example, and someone of authority in that chain is a corrupt actor from the Deep State and you will then see the guilty party skate free. Or you can have a completely innocent Mike Flynn, Roger Stone, George Papodopoulos railroaded by a corrupt judge. The Michael Flynn case is the most glaring. The DOJ has dropped the case and charges against him and in an unprecedented move the judge does not drop the case, he extends it as if he is the prosecutor.

So there is a light at the end of the tunnel my friends. Donald Trump has been appointing a record number of federal judges. This is a brilliant move and somewhat frustrating and time consuming. But there is a method to the madness. Why investigate, indict and try just for a Deep State judge to let the guilty party walk free? Donald Trump has appointed over 300 judges and counting. More will be appointed to the bench and now there is a more likely chance when the guilty parties are tried, there will be justice. So there is a silver lining in this swamp covered cloud.


By Michael Ameer

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