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The Russia Collusion Hoax!



The media blackout of the BIGGEST political scandal in American history.

Russia, Russia, Russia! That’s all we’ve heard for the first three years of the Donald J. Trump presidency. Fast forward June 3rd 2020, Capital Hill, Washington D.C. our nations capital. Former Deputy Attorney General and former acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee, chaired by South Carolina (R) Senator Lindsey Graham. This is the first time the Republicans get to investigate the investigators to get to the bottom of the Russian Collusion investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller that alleged Donald Trump and his campaign colluded with the Russians to steal the 2016 presidential election against Hillary Clinton. Russia in all of it’s iterations have been on the lips of every Democrat politician, legacy media anchor and liberal political pundit with condemnation for three years. Now the moment of truth has come and we are to question and hopefully get answers to the burning questions that all of us political navel gazers were waiting for.

Oh wait…… Did you hear that? Deafening silence from the legacy media! Now that we are getting answers to some very outstanding questions the media is MIA. We have learned at the end of the Mueller investigation that no one, no American worked with or colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election. No American secretly includes the Trump administration. So how did the FBI, CIA and DOJ investigate charge, surveil,  jail and try to impeach the president? You extend FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) warrant like a normal warrant by showing probable cause. When you end up with nothing then you are left to look back and say then what was the cause for all of the investigations and warrants if you never actually found any wrongdoing?

This is where we come to the greatest political scandal in American history. The IG (Inspector General) Michael Horowitz and other investigators have found errors, mistakes and omissions in almost every FISA application. This meaning they were all fraudulent or illegal. The Obama administration officials were spying illegally on the Trump campaign in which Trump calls bigger than Watergate which I believe is true.

General Michael Flynn who was Obama’s DNI (Director of National Intelligence) was hated to the core by Obama and his top brass. Flynn bumped heads with Obama on almost every military and national security issue. Flynn was going to audit and restructure the whole intelligence apparatus. He was fired before he could get that started. He was then hired by the new incoming Trump campaign to the chagrin of Obama. January 4th 2017 the DOJ was dropping it’s investigation of Michael Flynn. On January 5th, Peter Strzok and the FBI would start or extend the investigation of Michael Flynn after a meeting on January 5th in the oval office with President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, top aid Susan Rice, DAG Sally Yates and FBI Director James Comey and a few other top aids. This is where they hatched another plot to go after Trump and General Flynn. Mind you the day before this infamous meeting The DOJ was about to drop all charges against Michael Flynn and the FBI agents who illegally interviewed Flynn said he didn’t lie. Now finally after years of prosecution Flynn retained a new lawyer Sydney Powell and she was able to finally get the exculpatory evidence and get his case dropped. But to everyone’s surprise in an unprecedented move judge Emmit Sullivan is trying to pull in an amicus brief (friends of the court). The judge is trying to be the prosecutor. Some say he got his marching orders from on high to not let Flynn get off but he has no legal legs to stand on. This leads me to believe Flynn is the Big Fish. They are spending all of their political capital to keep this man silence and sentenced.

They say they started the investigation because George Papadopoulus was overheard in a bar in England talking about Hillary’s emails. Now you only have to have half a brain to realize that is nonsense. So Papadopoulus was also set up framed and spied on. He forgot an exact date so they used that to prosecute him for perjury in which he did 12 days in prison. Who gets sentenced with 12 days if you are this big international criminal?

Carter Page was also wrongly investigated. An email was manipulated by FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith. He changed that Page worked with CIA to Page DID  NOT work with the CIA. Which was a complete 180 and a lie. But eventually Carter Page was never charged. So why were all of the FISA warrant extensions signed to keep investigating him? Carter Page was an informant for the CIA and helped with the prosecution of Russians. So this was hidden from the court. Carter Page was portrayed as one of the ringleaders of coordinating the Trump administrations contact with Russia. That means Carter Page was intricately planning with Donald Trump to perpetrate this fraud. So we ask how often was Trump and Carter Page in cahoots to hatch the plot? Say what? They what? Carter Page and Trump never met? How can you plot this huge international crime and you have never met with your criminal partner?

All of these facts are coming out and now we see in August 2017 before Special Counsel Mueller was appointed there was no evidence of Trump collusion with Russia. How can you run an investigation for three years and never find any wrongdoing? All evidence was made up and planted and slowly the public is starting to realize it. This is why Trump always called it the hoax! And now we can see Trump was right!


By Michael Ameer

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Is the Media Inciting a “Race War”?



Are we as (BLACKS) not smart enough to realize that we are being duped into a race war?

In 2016 George Soros funded the riots in Ferguson and around the nation in memory of Michael Brown who was gunned down by a white police officer in a violent confrontation. Also there was Philando Castile who coincidentally was gunned down in Minnesota by a police officer. This election year reaction is systematic like clockwork. They see a tragedy of the Black community and swoop in and coop the pain and suffering of a people for their own personal political gain. Black Lives Matter are paid protesters, ANTIFA are paid protesters and there are many more paid protesters. This is the job that former POTUS #44 held. COMMUNITY ORGANIZER! They foment unrest for political purposes not for justice.

Fast forward to May 2020 the violent death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minnesota Police. I could not bare to watch the complete 8 minute barbaric treatment these police officers put on George Floyd. It was horrific. But not like in many of these cases the officers here were fired and charged with murder. Normally the public riots when there is an injustice and the police seemingly get away with murder. This time it seems that justice was prevailing and the Department of Justice was swiftly investigating the case. So if the perpetrator is being brought to justice why the riotous reaction nationwide?

The answer is quite simple. There are evil forces that profit and benefit on the pain and suffering of the underclass and they send agitators and organizers to violently protest in major cities to dominate the news cycle. You will also see this will happen in predominantly liberal cities with a high crime rates and possibly a sanctuary city. They turn a peaceful protest into a violent riot.

You saw a white woman with a dog unleashed in Central Park calling police on an “African-American” man allegedly threatening her. You saw a 20 year old black boxer with COVID19 and mental health issues put into a nursing home and recorded viciously beating a white elderly man. You saw Ahmad Arbery shot in Georgia by a white retired police officer and his son during a life or death struggle and video surfaces months later. Unfortunately these type of events happen all over the USA on a daily basis. What we have now is to take the white on black and the black on white incidents and make them viral and stir up the deep seated racial emotions and hatred. Once you see these images and scenarios on constant repeat on television and social media it will indeed have a tremendous emotional impact. This happens on the regular but we seem to fall victim of the emotional heartfelt manipulation.

My featured pic of Nick Cannon is a perfect example during the riots, holding up a poster of George Floyd and in the upper right hand corner of the poster is the logo from CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations). They say they are advocates for Muslim civil rights but they are always in every situation anti-American. They love the fact that blacks are terrorizing their own neighborhoods and they support this with their own dollars. These types of groups are paying blacks to do their dirty work. Are we not smart enough to know we are being used?



By Michael Ameer



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Joe Biden “The Lemon Lot”!



Is the deeply flawed and dementia impaired Joe Biden the best the Democrats have to offer?

The Democratic establishment has wholeheartedly gotten behind the former vice president of the United States Joseph Robinette Biden, as the Democratic nominee for President of The United States in 2020. Did they give it a test drive, kick the tires, check the engine or even look up the blue book value? The answer is a resounding NO! Joe Biden was the best of a bad socialist lot. There was a plethora of manufactured cookie cutter candidates. Bernie Sanders seemed the logical choice…..but! Bernie was an Independent who caucused with the Democrats. Bernie openly and proudly professed his affinity for socialism, at least coherently. The painful truth for the Bernie Bros was the Democrat establishment would never let an Independent/ Socialist drive the party off of the electoral cliff of a 2020 national election.

The party turned to Joe Biden to save the day. The best of a bad lot. The former VP with a solid connection to the first Black President of the United States and the all important Black vote. This may be death by a thousand cuts. We already know Joe is a walking, talking, stuttering gaffe machine. His son, brother, son-in-law and others have all profited handsomely from his position and name in big time national politics. He has the Tara Reade debacle. There is the firing of the Ukraine prosecutor who was investigating the corrupt Ukrainian gas company his son Hunter was working for. His team seems to be wisely trying to let Joe out in public view only when absolutely necessary. He has more skeletons in his closet than a thriller video! They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Cheers to the left.

By Michael Ameer

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The Digital Drug Being Used to Self-Medicate




Pornography – The Digital Drug


Addiction, withdrawal, trauma, desensitization. 


Destroying relationships with the people around you. 

This includes, but is not limited to: family, friends, and your spouse. 


Degrading your morality. 

Harming your health; mentally, physically, emotionally. 

Slowly deteriorating your soul & spirit. 


I understand that to a common reader, this may sound a bit extreme. This may sound like something you would have seen on posters outside of a Heavy Metal concert during the “Satanic Panic” from the 1970’s to the 1990’s. The Baby Boomers reading know exactly what I’m talking about. As for my fellow Zoomers, this is simply the culture you’ve been thrown into. While I am completely aware of the overtly Puritanical tone of this piece, it is unfortunately a tragic reality for millions of people in our Nation. 

According to Kirsten Andersen of LifeSiteNews, “Porn activates the same addiction centres in the brain as alcohol and heroin.” While this fact is startling, I don’t even need to come at this from a moralist, religious, or traditionalist perspective. The fact of the matter is, pornography is horrible for the developing (and already developed) mind. Why else, after dopamine is released from viewing it, do you feel ashamed after watching porn? This is because you know inherently that something is not right. Dopamine is known as the “feel-good” chemical of the brain, yet the vicious cycle that a dependency on pornography inflicts upon you, often results in the opposite. Over time, your consumption of the multi-billion dollar a year industry will lead to lower dopamine levels while viewing. This lowering of dopamine levels often leads the viewer to search for more “hardcore” (often violent and degrading) videos. Much like how people can fall back on booze, pills, or marijuana as tools of self-medication, pornography can also be used as a scapegoat to very real problems. These problems include: anxiety, insecurity, depression, body-image issues, and relationship problems. 

Speaking anecdotally, I have heard the argument that “porn isn’t addicting, but the power structures of it is.” I would refute this in a simple way. The porn consumer, whether they want to take on “the dominant” or “the submissive” role in the video, shows that those power structures come from the sex acts themselves. It is well known that sex can become an intense addiction, so much so that it has its own terms for both men and women. Satyriasis is the “uncontrollable or excessive sexual desire in a man” while Nymphomania is the “uncontrollable or excessive sexual desire in a woman.”  The reality is that pornography can become an addiction through the lense of a “digital satyriasis” for men or a “digital nymphomania” for women.   

When most people think of pornography viewers, the majority of people will make it seem like a very male oriented topic, but according to WebRoot, up to one-third of visits to pornographic websites are done by women. The use of pornography is absolutely detrimental to younger, single people. For example, a recent UK Survey found that 44% of males aged 11-16,  who consumed pornography, reported that online pornography gave them ideas about the type of sex they wanted to try. From desensitizing the viewer in exposing them to overly-aggressive sexual acts, pornography also provides incredibly unrealistic body standards for both men, women, boys, and girls. According to Consumer statistics from NCOSE, “64% of young people, aged 13-24, actively seek out pornography at least weekly, if not more often than that.” 

This statistic is significant because from the ages of roughly 13-17, young people are still trying to find themselves. From roughly 18-20, young people are building relationships in regard to a social circle, interest groups, and employment. From 21-24, young people should start getting serious about finding a viable career, getting into committed relationships for the plan of marriage, and family planning. The detriments of pornography throw off this cycle that has been in effect for the past 2 generations. Before these societal norms, the age group for the aforementioned 21-24 may have been reverted to the 18-20 years of age group.

While it is quite apparent the effects that pornography has on younger people in our nation, the outcomes it imposes on married couples and their families is equally worrysome. According to TIME, “Married people who start watching porn are twice as likely to be divorced in the the following years as those who don’t. And women who start watching porn are three times as likely to split, according to a working paper presented at the American Sociological Association on Aug. 22.” This divides families, fragments the future generation, and the conclusion of the results becomes harmful to society as a whole. Researcher Patrick Fagan Ph.D, conducted a study and found that an astonishing 56% of divorces had one partner with an obsessive interest in porn. 

In my honest opinion, I believe that our culture has become increasingly hypersexualized. It seems like you can’t turn on a film created in the past ten years without witnessing (an often pointless) sex scene. The intimacy and love connected to a committed relationship involves much more than sexual acts. It involves sacrifice, struggle, honesty, and trust. I’m not writing this to shame you. I’m not writing this as a holier-than-thou stance. I’m not a radical individualist. 

I want to see families thrive. I want communities to grow with social cohesion and a sense of belonging. Whether apparent to them now or not, people need help. Men, and women. Young, and old. I see this as nothing more than an important way of broadening the discussions that should be taking place in our discourse.


Reject shame. 

Reject emptiness.

Reject addiction.

Reject loneliness. 

Reject the digital drug

This is much more revolutionary than you think. 


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