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Is ‘Green Energy’ Causing Unstable Power Grids?



As more utilities are embracing wind/solar, we are going to be facing far more brownouts and blackouts.
Here’s a little something for those who have not a clue about the engineering requirements of energy generation, you know, those into the wind/solar as being viable. A HUGE problem all utilities are facing is the “transformer blowout” problem. Measurable and even finite potential energy more easily adapts to rapidly varying loads than does wind/solar.
Furthermore, all conventional generation, with a known capacity, keeps a portion of its generation capacity “spun up.” That means they can bring them on, in an instant, when greater KWH is needed. CANNOT do the same with wind/solar, as the generation capacity varies so greatly. A complex grid fosters more complex problems to fix. Sadly, the use of widely unpredictable wind/ solar adds another level to the unpredictability of the load.
A friend of mine, an engineer for a power utility, said they are experiencing far more transformer failures due to that increase in unpredictability caused by wind/solar. And its gonna get worse.

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